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About Us

About Us - Paradigm Hydroseed


Scott Briggs, Owner

Scott Briggs has been building and managing landscapes for over 15 years. His background extends from a degree in Landscape Contracting from the University of New Hampshire. Since graduation, he has worked with several landscape firms of different disciplines throughout the central Massachusetts area.

Scott manages the daily construction schedule and provides invaluable expertise in the field when it comes to getting a project completed on budget and on time.

Peter Yablonski, Owner

Peter holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has been building, designing, and managing construction projects for more than two decades.

Pete has dedicated his career to landscape design and has completed projects for clients throughout New England. He provides the creative vision while acting as project manager on a daily basis.

Paradigm Hydroseed is a subsidiary company of Paradigm Landscape – a full-service landscape construction firm dedicated to designing and building pemier landscapes for residential, commercial, and institutional properties throughout Massachusetts.

In the Spring of 2017, Paradigm Landscape acquired Paradigm Hydroseed. Scott Briggs and Pete Yablonski founded Paradigm Landscape in 2012 with the basic principal to provide better design-build experiences for New England consumers. Paradigm Landscape is founded on strong practical field knowledge and unparalleled design capabilities. These same principals are the foundation of the newly acquired hydroseed services.

Paradigm incorporates a full range of landscape construction services and is capable of providing and building your entire master plan. They will review any project, no matter the size or scope, and will provide informative direction for implementing a strategy. This multi-disciplinary approach to landscape construction and hydroseeding allows for a quality end product.

Paradigm understands how landscapes should be built and practices educating their clients in sound landscaping construction techniques to create lasting designs. This same understanding is applied to their hydroseed techniques.The Paradigm team prides itself on their ability to provide the tools necessary to build the finest landscapes in New England.