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Your Lawn Has Been Hydroseeded. Now what?


Your new lawn is installed and lawn care is very important, particularly for the first month. By watering regularly and keeping your new seedlings from drying out, you can ensure the beginnings of a lawn that will make your neighbors GREEN with envy. Successful seed germination depends on a few days of special care. To assure proper germination water regularly. Be careful not o over water. Over watering can be harmful as it may break down the bonded matrix of the “green mulch” and will wash away the existing fertilizer too quickly. Do not allow the water to pool. Pooling water will also wash grass seeds away and create uneven growth.

We suggest two times a day in warm weather.  Keeping the yard moist will maximize seed germination. It is okay to walk on the hydro seeded surface when watering.  However, try to walk only on areas that are dry, and try to not disturb the mulch mat.Watering must occur regularly until the first mowing. After the first mowing, you can water the lawn to promote root growth by watering deeper and less often.


There are basically two common mowing errors: not mowing the grass often enough and cutting it too short. Mowing frequently is mandatory for a healthy lawn. Mowing can begin once the new lawn is 3″ tall in a majority of the lawn.  Mowing stimulates growth and increases thickness.  Set the mower high at first, then gradually lower.   Try to cut no more than 1/3 of the grass height at a time. One general rule for mowing is that the shorter you want to mow the more often you need to mow to maintain healthy grass.


The fertilizer put down in the hydroseeding process is only to start your grass growing. Your lawn will need to be fertilized within one month. Fertilize every two months, (during growing season), to ensure continued growth. A granular fertilizer should be applied with a broadcast spreader at this time. Contact a local nursery for the type of fertilizer that should be applied to your lawn.

The contractor who installed your lawn used a high phosphorus or “starter fertilizer” when hydroseeding your lawn.  The phosphorus will stimulate root growth, and in the early stages, it is important to get good root growth before you stimulate a vigorous top growth with nitrogen. Feel free to CONTACT US at 508.865.0004 for advice regarding a recommended fertilizer.

Thinking about Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeded lawns tend to dry out in the heat of summer. This prolongs the germination process and the germinating seedlings may dry out and die. The summer is coming to a close here in New England. NOW is the time to pursue that green lawn for next spring. CONTACT US today to see if hydro seeding is right for you.

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