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Paradigm Landscape is More Than Just Landscaping

We are pleased to announce that Paradigm Landscape offers hydroseeding services too. Paradigm Hydroseed. is a locally owned and operated business in Sutton, Massachusetts. We purchased our hydroseeding business in 2016 to compliment our landscaping services. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with competitive prices, quality products, and professional services for their landscaping needs. Hydroseeding services to wrap up a landscape design project made sense.

There is no guarantee with hydroseeding. However, we guarantee a solid stand of grass on acceptable soil, when lawn care is provided in compliance with our instructions. We cannot be responsible for preexisting factors beyond our control such as neglect, disease, weeds, annuals, crabgrass, insects, fungus, abuse, hostile acts, or late fall planting.

To help you achieve that lush green lawn, here are some tips for caring for your hydroseeded property.

Hydroseeding Watering Schedule

Week 1–6

Two to three light waterings per day. (Depending on weather)

Week 7–10

One heavy watering per day.

Week 10+

One watering per week or as needed depending temperatures. (1″ of water per week usually adequate)

Watering Instructions

Yard must be well drained prior to darkness. Never water after dark. The fiber and seed shall be irrigated lightly and frequently to maintain optimum moisture content for maximum germination. (Two to three waterings per day for up to 5 weeks, duration depending on type of soil). The water should be left on long enough to soak the soil thoroughly to the depth of the fiber, plus about 2″ of your top soil. Take care not to wash the fiber or soil particles off the slopes. (Keep yard damp like a wet wash cloth as much as possible.)

If your seed starts to germinate and doesn’t receive ample water the new sprouts will, die causing a thin looking lawn.

After germination, over watering keeps oxygen from the soil and causes shallow rooting. The lawn roots must stretch down for water and other sources of food. With shallow root systems you must provide food constantly. Climate and season also affect watering frequency. A safe rule of thumb (after 4 weeks) is to water deeply at longer intervals. This lets the moisture penetrate to the full depth of the roots. Shallow watering evaporates before moisture and nourishment reaches the root structure. Try to water in early morning, when evaporation is slower and there’s less likelihood of sun scorching.

NOTE: The rye grass blend will show in 5–6 days with evening temperatures at the 50+ range. The fescue blend will take 4–5 weeks total.

NOTE: The green mulch will turn brown as the sun bleaches out the dye. If proper amounts of water are given, the mulch will look like wet cardboard.

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